Google has released a new feature, now it can be done without speakingor typing

Up until now, you used to either sort or voice summons to look on Google however now they can be sought without them. In the current I/O 2018, Google made numerous declarations, of which Google focal point was likewise one.

The organization had concentrated on computerized reasoning in this meeting. Meanwhile, the organization had declared that Google focal point highlight will never again be restricted to Google Assistance and Google Photos, it will now be coordinated with the cell phone camera. Alongside this, the organization had additionally told about Smart Text Selection Factors with Real Time Detection (or Lookup), which has now begun taking off.

Will search without typing or speaking


According to Google's report, the Google Lens Real Time Lookup and Smart Text Selection feature has been redesigned to the camera app. Once the look-out feature is added to the Google lens, the information of which you will see with the help of the lens will be available. Due to the added attachment of this feature, you will be able to extract information about it without having typed or spoken. Just have to focus on the camera of your smartphone that item.

Copy-paste will be printed on photos


This technique helps the lens to recognize words by using machine learning and with the help of device intelligence and cloud tpu. It is possible only due to Artificial Intelligence. Google said earlier also about Smart Selection, with the help of this technique, you will also be able to copy-paste the words printed on the photo.

Available on Android P Beta


With the help of this feature, users will now be able to tap on text and objects. Google's new feature is seen on the OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and the smartphones running on Android P Beta. Its download is currently unavailable, users may have to wait for it.

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