It is special to spend time with ease, this place of Himachal

If you have a habit of being connected to nature and want to go walking on a hill, then there is a place where you can go for a honeymoon or even on a family trip. We are talking about the beautiful place of Himachal's 'Sungari'.

When it goes down from Shimla, this beautiful place comes. For some time in Shimla and after that you can go here. The special thing here is that whichever tourists go to roam here, they live in the homes of people here. While you stay in the house, people make mine for you. The food that the food itself eat, the food feed to the salonians. The food here is very tasty.

The incoming tourists are given a room. They are also well-organized for their sake. In this way, the lifestyle and culture of those people get a chance to see it very closely. The natural environment here gives comfort to the mind. 'Sungari' This is a small town. Everyone here likes Monorama View. Local bus or taxi can be found from Shimla to go to 'Sungri'.
Himachal Pradesh

Sungri is situated in the mountains between very beautiful, magnificent, picturesque valleys. The population here is also very small. There are beautiful poplar trees around. Anangari is a very fun place. It gives you a feeling of a different world. The weather here is very pleasant. Those who are surrounded by technical and have to spend some time in peace and comfort, then go to this place and enjoy them.