Whatsapp Will Give A Tough Competition To Paytm And Google Tej

Whatsapp's payment service can be launched in India within a few days, although this app already has a personal-to-person payment solution for Indian users, although currently this test is in phase. . This service was introduced in February only for some users. Through this service, users of WhatsAppSpace can easily accept money from another user, and they can send them.

However, as we have told you that this service exists in India, but it is limited to some people. However, now it is coming out that officially this service can be launched in India by next week. This means that now there are hardly any such apps available in the market such as Paytm and Google Tea that are going to get tough competition.

In addition to the ICICI Bank, HDFC and AXIS have partnered with the bank. It is, however, emerging that the name of the SBI may also be included in this list. Although the company had planned to start this service in association with four partners, the company has already planned to launch it with three partners, seeing the rise of other competitors.

If we talk about the number of users present with the company, seeing the maximum number of it, it looks like this payment system is going to be used more extensively, and other users are getting tough competition. If this service is started soon, then its competitors can come in some trouble.
Whatsapp Vs Google Tej Vs Paytm