10 Products You Should Avoid To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Who doesn’t love the beautiful, thick, shiny, and cascading hair! We all do. We all keep trying different hair care products to achieve thick, luminous hair that we often see on TV. We tend to pick hair products based on their lofty claims about improving our hair condition. But we pay little or no attention to the ingredients that are used in them.

Generally, we all have had bad hair days. We end up guessing the causes like styling mistakes, harsh products, humidity, ignoring oiling and masks for a while, and so on. Only to find out that the next day the hair looks better for no reason! Reading online can actually help. Thanks to my internet subscription through Verizon deals, I was able to explore what top hair stylists have to say about different hair products. I was shocked to find out about certain categories of ingredients that are toxic and harmful for our hair. Yet we use them so often. Get ready for some shocking updates!
10 Products You Should Avoid To Keep Your Hair Healthy
  1. Silicone-Based Hair Products

Silicon dries out the hair from the inside. It only coats the shaft of the hair to create a shiny, sleek finish, while preventing the actual nutrients in the conditioners to penetrate. If you are a fan of the glossy shine in hair, go for silicon-free products that are easily available in the market. There are a few, which affect overall hair health while adding that essential shine too.
  1. Alcohol-Based Hair Products

You need to really avoid alcohol products for your hair. They are mostly found in styling mousses and spray gels. Alcohol dries out the hair, zapping all the moisture in the hair. That is exactly why we should avoid the skin care products that have alcohol as an ingredient too! You can find a good number of styling products in the market that is alcohol-free. Go for them, and keep your style right in place.
  1. Conditioners that are Protein-based

Conditioners that are fortified with protein are fine, but make sure that they don’t contain protein alone. Choose products that include moisturizing agents and protein. Protein-only products, used over a period of time will consequently make hair lose its elasticity. Your hair will begin to snap while you style and brush it. Overuse of protein on hair can make your hair rough and straw-like. Hence, instead of repairing it, it is damaging your hair further. So, get a blend of moisturizers and proteins to get balance, not breakage.
  1. Cheap Shampoos

Be wary when you buy your shampoo. Some brands in the market reduce hair’s natural oils and strip color. Their lathering ingredients include high quantities of sulfates. When you pick your shampoo, go for the one with high moisturizing components and low amounts of sulfates.
  1. Plastic Brushes

If you frequently dye your hair, or you are a fond of applying hair masks every weekend, know that plastic brushes tend to break your hair. Go for a brush with natural hair, or bristle brushes.
  1. Heat Protectants 

Do you know that heat protectants can actually do more harm than good? Some of the celebrity hairstylists think so too. They suggest that people who use heat protectants at home to style their hair can cause the product do the opposite of what it is supposed to do. Spraying it before using a curling tong or a straightener can actually lead to cooking the hair. Hence resulting in breakage. You don’t have to abandon its use altogether. Just go for a dry spray. Moisturizing hair right before you style them is a wrong hair styling regimen.
  1. Coal Tar and Zinc Pyrithione

If you are a victim of dandruff, you should definitely check the ingredients of your dandruff shampoo. The aforementioned ingredients are normally found in anti-dandruff shampoos. These ingredients are known for their harsh effects on the scalp skin.
  1. Fragrance

If you hair care product’s ingredient list includes fragrance, simply stay away! It can contain around 4000 ingredients, of which many are harmful. Studies reveal that fragrance can actually affect our nervous system and lead to some major health issues. If you want your hair to smell good, go for the products that include scented essential oils.
  1. Salt Sprays

Using salt sprays to achieve messily, beachy hair is common. Yes, there is no doubt that it looks seductive. But in the process of getting those crunched waves, your salt spray may deprive your hair of moisturizer completely. Go for the products that include some essential oils such as argon oil along with sea salts to get those beautiful curls and waves.
  1. Products that include Parabens

Parabens are essentially used to kill bacteria in the solutions that are water-based. Hence, they inherently have a little toxicity, and can easily be absorbed through the skin. This is scary! Go for hair care products that proudly boast the paraben-free status.

There are so many tutorials online, that is quite helpful as well. If you can't access those, you need a better internet connection speed - currently offered through Xfinity Triple Play Packages. It’s time to be more aware of the ingredients in things you use daily. Revamp your hair care regimen, and reconsider the products that are harmful to your precious hair.