Castile Soap a Healthy Cleaning Alternative You Need To Adopt

Castile Soap a Healthy Cleaning Alternative You Need To Adopt

Origin of Castile soap

Do you know when the first soap was originated and came into use? Soap making has been done since 2800 B.C, excavation of ancient Babylon gave us evidence of soap making, but since then soaps were made with the mixture of animal fat and tree ashes.

Castile soap originated in Spain where it was being prepared with all organic products without the involvement of animal fat.

Castile soap got its name after the Castile region of Spain; castile soap got its popularity because of the process of its preparation. Castile soap was made of olive oil, and these Castile soaps became a staple product at every household, they have been used to maintain good hygiene.

All the synthetic soaps we have been using are originated while the phase of world war when there was a scarcity of organic soaps and troops were suffering from high level of casualties which made it essential to produce easy to make and efficient soap, so some German scientists made a soap with some chemical compounds.

How Castile soaps are different from regular soaps

The primary difference between the castile soap and regular soap is their ingredient. Regular soaps might be good cleaning agents but they contain many harsh chemical compounds that can be proven fatal on human skin and the environment. Castile soap is primarily made of vegetable oils (mainly olive oil), it has gained popularity among the people who had skin allergies with synthetic washing agents and people who care about the environment.

One of the biggest benefits of castile soap is its area of usage, you can use them almost everywhere, you can use it for washing dishes or bath, its ingredients make it one of the most versatile and healthy options available to use.

Castile Soaps are soft on sensitive skin

There are different skin types, some people can bear any type of harsh soap but some people got sensitive skin. Using castile soap is the best thing you can do to your skin if you have sensitive skin which is not tolerant of any chemicals. Here is the reason why its good for the sensitive skin:

  • Castile soaps are made of all natural oils that help in nourishes skin, people who have skin allergies with any particular type of chemical present in the synthetic soap can easily adapt to castile soap.

  • Our body needs healthy fat and so does our skin, good fat is really important to keep our skin healthy and beautiful. While most of the regular soap bars remove all the oil and leave the skin dry and unhealthy, Castile soap help in removing only dirt and moisturizes skin with the healthy content of oil.

  • These days many brands are producing castile soap but to make their product better they are also including additional essential oils and vitamins; this ultimately makes castile soap the best product for your skin health.


Castile Soaps as effective home cleansers

Usage of castile soap is not confined to personal care; castile soap can be used as an organic cleaning agent that helps in cleaning any kind of dirt and impurity without any negative side effects.

Castile can be used as a dishwasher to protect your hands from harsh chemicals of detergent. You can include Castile liquid soap to clean your floor if your detergent is reacting and leaving chemical spots on there.


Castile Soap helps keep eczema at bay

Around 12 years ago, I found out that my daughter has an allergy to synthetic soaps; she used to get the rashes on the skin whenever she had a contact with soaps and detergent. Even the clothes she was wearing was reacting her skin and leaving her whole body reddish. Since then we have been using Castile soap as a cleansing agent for our every household purpose, we are using these soaps for bathing, hair wash, laundry, dish cleaning, floor cleaning, etc. Since then I have been thanking Castile soap for protecting my baby from skin reaction.


Antibacterial properties of Castile Soap

Best thing I love about Castile soap is its versatility; you can add-up additional natural ingredient to make it more effective.

Just mix 8 ounces of castile soap with 3 teaspoons of lemon juice; it will act as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.



Castile soap is one solution to any trouble, this is one of the most versatile and organic cleaning agents that you can use, this soap will keep you away from any skin trouble, will protect clothes from harmful chemicals and will keep the environment healthy.